Tancred Vilucchi - Design + Build Consultant | Los Angeles

Tancred Vilucchi, Founder


I built an expansive foundation of knowledge through more than 20 years of construction and renovation on residential projects. My commitment is sharing this expertise and vision with my clientele.


Born with a natural gift for creativity and a visionary perspective, I acquired my mastery from three generations of Italian builders who migrated to the South of France in the 30s.


By being immersed in the construction process from an early age, my forefathers instilled in me their passion and skill set for building with an attentive eye for detail.


I am honored to have designed, built, and furnished some of the most spectacular luxury properties in Cote d'Azur. My work has also been recognized and featured in popular lifestyle magazines in the French Riviera.


Today established in Los Angeles, I offer full concept services through working closely with local contractors to design your lifestyle.

Full of creativity and passion, I indulge in an Epicurean life, using Art de Vivre as a common thread in my designs and business to infuse energy into all of my projects.



Since our inception in 2000, we have been redefining the traditional standards in the building and design industry. Maison Vilucchi consciously identifies your needs and coaches you through each detail of your idea until you find the harmonious balance in your living space.


Our motto is "Listening and answering by customizing."

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