Tancred Vilucchi - Design + Build Consultant | Los Angeles

Tancred Vilucchi



Tancred Vilucchi is a Designer who conceives, design and create ultra luxury home for a worldwide clientele.

He built an expansive foundation of knowledge through more than 20 years of Construction and Interior Design. He has acquired his mastery from three generations of Italian builders who migrate in the south of France in the 30’s.

Tancred Vilucchi has the rare ability to combine the art of his design with the discipline of high-precision construction which results in a harmonious and high-level visual unity

He believes that mastering and understanding the build behind the design is essential to designing, and one does not exist without the other.

Tancred Vilucchi conceives dwellings as a complete work of art, from the exterior architecture to the interior to the furniture to the landscaping he focused on the seamless integration of every element to create unique, warm, elegant, and timeless atmospheres.

In addition to residential Tancred Vilucchi has designed and completed a multitude of projects; restaurants, lounges, hotels, motorcycles, and collaborate with high-end furniture companies to custom-made his designs.

Full of energy and passion, Tancred lives an Epicurean life, using Art de Vivre from his roots Italian Tuscany and French Provence as a common thread in his designs