Phase 2 of a design + build project

Before and after : follow one of our current remodeling project in West Hollywood, CA

Here we are. 4 rooms in 1 and we got natural light as much as we need!

All the demolition and structural works are done, we did cut the wall, install new posts and two massive beams to optimize the potential of the place as much as possible.

And a new flat ceiling is coming too.

Then and because of the newly exposed severe deficiencies of the existing floor, we had to rebuild a level floor. Otherwise, we could not achieve a proper tie in point with the old flooring. This consisted of demolition of the sheathing, adding blocking, new 2x6 floor joists, new plywood and insulate. We also repaired damaged joists in a different

area to get stable and clean support to receive the new French oak flooring.

The electrical was redo entirely, work on different lighting solution and audio system as well... In the next post, you will see an important evolution as we will install drywall , oak floor, painting and much more!

Stay tuned to discover all the steps from day 1 to delivery!

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